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  Paryushan Celebration

Paryushan Parva falls in the month of September.

The Jain community celebrates many social and religious functions. The biggest and very welknown Jain festival is the ‘Paryushan Parva’. This festival is being organized every year in the auspicious gujarati month ‘Bhadrapad’ of the Hindu calendar. ‘Paryushan Parva’. starts from the fifth day and ends on the to fourteenth day of the bright fortnight.

Paryushan Parva is an annual religious festival of the Jains. Considered auspicious and sacred, it is observed to deepen the awareness as a physical being in conjunction with spiritual observations.

All members of Jain community; may be economically sound or not, young and old, males and females, participate with full vigor and zeal in the various religious rituals and cultural programs. They listen with rapt attention to the holy sermons of the saints and learned Jain scholars arranged during the ten-day festival. In these celebrations lie dormant the seeds of the well being, peace and happiness of the common man. On the eve of this festival all activities, which add to social discord or bitterness are declared taboo from the temple pulpits. These celebrations harbinger social harmony and amity and preach the lofty Jain motto ‘Live and Let live’.

Paryashan Parva is an annual, sacred religious festivals of the Jains. It is celebrated with fasting, reading of scriptures, observing silence etc. preferably under the guidance of monks in temples. Strict fasting where one has to completely abstain from food and even water is observed for a week or more.
Paryushan Parva gives expression to the perfectly purified trait of the soul, through which one gets rid of worldly discords and allurements and one gets fully absorbed in the eternal truth on experiencing and realizing the true nature of soul.

Religious and spiritual discourses are held where tales of Lord Mahavira are narrated. The Namokar Mantra is chanted everyday. Forgiveness in as important aspect of the celebration. At the end of Fasting, all will ask for forgiveness for any violence or wrongdoings they may have imposed previous year.

Five Kartavyas (Required Deeds) for a Shravak (Laity) during Paryushan

Amari Pravartan - Total Non-Violence
Special Attention to 'Jeevdaya' pity towards animals as well as towards poors and sufferers are to be paid during these days.
Moreover this festival is celebrated by keeping fasting as per personal capacity and take care not to hurt even the minutest organisms, even those which cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Sadharmik Vatsalya
Love towards co-follower of Jain religion

This means you should take care of co-followers of Jain Religion. It can be done in two ways

Dravya Bhakti: Honouring co-follower by gifts etc.
Bhaav Bhakti: Helping co-followers to be stable and then firm in their religious beliefs and lending a helping hand whenever required.

Shamapana - Asking for Forgiveness
If you have hurt someone or have any ill-feelings, you should ask for heartfelt forgiveness from that person. Do not leave any trace of anger or enemity towards anyone in the heart.

Attham Tap - Fasting for 3 days
Since times immemorial the eating habit has been formed which needs to be controlled. The craving for tastes that the tongue looks for has to be broken. Our body needs to be prepared & purified for a stage where it does not require any food and finally this helps in shredding of the bad karma collected in the past.

Chaitya Pari Paathi - Visiting local Jain Temples
It should be done in a manner and clothing befitting royalty in a procession. In the temples you visit, you should leave materials used in puja, dhoop (incense sticks), sandalwood, silver pages (aangi material). This will help you in softening yourself and help you in moving ahead in religion. It will help you in understanding the wrote truth (achieve samkit).

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